DC 80 Page Annuals & Giants

Hooray for those cool 80-Page DC Giants! The 80-Pager run in The Green River Collection contains 54 books, including many multiple copies, from issue #1 through #15. There are currently 11 scans included of various 80 pagers in the database. A big round of thanks goes to Mark Arrand of Colmore Comics, who in August of 2005 presented us with most of the scans in this section.

The slabbed giants vary widely in grade, from a 8.0 right up to 9.6. Many have the charcteristic white pages, along with the bright fresh cover colors characteristic of the collection. This gallery was loaded online on August 16, 2005 and updated on February 20, 2006, with the addition of the scan of CGC boardmember adamstrange's raw copy of issue #7. Updated on November 22, 2006, with the addition of 80 Page Giants #25 and #26. Updated on 2/26/2007 with the addition of Giant #19. Updated on 8/24/07 with the addition of Flash Annual # 1. Last updated on October 22, 2008 with the addition of Giant Superman Annual #8.

Of interest is the fact that the Superman Annual #7, dated Summer of 1963 and originally graded as a 9.2, was cracked out of it's slab and regraded as a 9.6, without it's pedigree designation noted on the label. Thus, it becomes an orphan pedigree book, until CGC reinstates it's official pedigree status. This is an unscrupulous practice that attempts to launder the book and destroys the links to the history of our hobby. You can find links to scans of both incarnations of the book on the DC CGC Data Page.


Annual#4 Winter'62
Annual#5 Summer'63
Annual#6 Winter'63
Annual#7 Summer'64
Annual#7 Summer'63
Annual#8 Winter'63/64
G1 August 1964
G2 September 1964
G3 September 1964
G4 October 1964
G5 December 1964
G6 January 1965
G7 February 1965
G9 April 1965
G10 May 1965
G12 July 1965
G15 October 1965
G17 December 1965
G18 January 1966
G19 February 1966
G22 May 1966
G23 June 1966
G25 August 1966
G26 September 1966
G28 October 1966
G33 March 1967
G34 April 1967
G43 February 1968
G44 Feb/March 1968