Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man issues in the Green River Collection are of varying quality, including several that are sporting either holes, indentations or abrasions, apparently as a result of being used during a BB gun target practice session. Yes, you read that right. Those fabulous Stevens brothers! Issues that seem to exhibit this damage include issues 10, 13 and 57. Thanks for contributing scans in this gallery go to John Hauser, Wayne Mills, and Kenny Sanderson. This gallery was first loaded placed online on March 1, 2005. Eventually links will be activated, taking you to larger scans of each book, when available. The quality of the scans themselves are less than ideal in this section, but we hope to upgrade those as time goes on. I added the scan of issue #11 in May of 2005 after it was listed for sale on did not sell. Annual #1 was added in July 2005. The poor scan of issue #44 was from an Ebay auction of a couple of years ago. A date stamp does seem to be visible on the Lizard's lab coat. The copy of #47 was found unidentified & unlabeled on a dealer's website. The copy of issue #41 was discovered as part of a Collector Society member's registry set. It is not labeled as a Green River, but it is indeed a part of the collection. Thanks to Barton Landsman for his contribution of the scan. Updated on November 18, 2006, with the addition of issue #52. Updated on August 20, 2007 with the addition of issue #30. Updated on January 26, 2008 with the addition of issue #10 8.0, large scan of issue #11 (thanks, Mitch!), and issue #29 9.2. Updated on March 5, 2008 with #46 and #58 8.5. Last updated on October 12, 2008 with the edition of Annual #1 CGC 8.0 which is unlabeled but is definitely a Green River book. Compare the date on this one to the other two copies of the book!


#10 March 1964
#10 March 1964
#11 April 1964
#12 May 1964
#13 July 1964
#28 September 1965
#29 October 1965
#29 October 1965
#30 November 1965
#37 June 1966
#41 October 1966
#42 November 1966
#44 January 1967
#48 May 1967
#51 August 1967
#52 September 1967
#53 October 1967
#54 November 1967
#59 April 1968
Annual #1 1964
Annual #2 1965