Title: Avengers

Issue #: 22

Issue Date: 11/1965

CGC Certification #: 0118020002

Date Graded: 05/07/2003

CGC Grade: Universal 8.5

Page Quality: White

Arrival Date: Sep 14 1965

Number of copies in Collection: 6 known

Restoration and Pressing: none known


One of the best CGC 8.5 graded books you'll lay eyes on, this is one of half a dozen copies of this issue in the Green River Pedigree Collection.

The other graded copy received a Universal 9.4 from CGC. It's cert. # is 0046085008 and it was graded on 10/21/2002 and has white pages. Click here for a scan.


Line of Procurement:

Originally purchased by Shin Kao from Craig Barnett. Sent in for CGC grading by Shin and sold to Stuart DeGraff (nochips), who auctioned it on Ebay in October of 2003.

Currently in a private collection.