Title: Avengers

Issue #: 22

Issue Date: 11/1965

CGC Certification #: 0046085008

Date Graded: 10/21/2002

CGC Grade: Universal 9.4

Page Quality: White

Arrival Date: none visible

Number of copies in Collection: 6 known

Restoration and Pressing: none known


Doug Schmell's description: This copy, from the Green River collection, features inks by famous collaborator Wally Wood. Tight, sharp copy shows no perceptible wear other than a small stress line near the top of the spine. The snow white pages and awesome cover gloss are staples of this famous pedigree.

The other graded copy received a Universal 8.5 from CGC. It's cert. # is 0118020002 and it was graded on 05/07/2003 and has white pages. Click here for a scan.


Line of Procurement:

Sold by Doug Schmell of www.pedigreecomics.com to an unknown buyer.