Title: Avengers

Issue #: 23

Issue Date: 12/1965

CGC Certification #: 0045446001

Date Graded: 08/13/2002

CGC Grade: Universal 9.6

Page Quality: White

Arrival Date: obscurred

Number of copies in Collection: 2 known

Restoration and Pressing: none known


This copy is a great example of one of the best covers of the run. A slight miswrap, and an apparent overhang at the top (possibly SCS) are the only things that keep this from grading higher. A great candidate for pressing, if you believe in that kind of thing.

The other none graded copy is currently in a private collection.

Line of Procurement:

Won in an Ebay auction in October of 2004 for $797.77 by bidder raymondstgiles, from seller superpicky. Winner is a well-known supercollector. Auction #2274408642.