The Daredevil run in The Green River Collection contains one of the single most controversial books in the entire pedigree, a CGC 9.4 copy of Daredevil 11 that was resubbed and reappeared in a Jason Ewert auction as a 9.6 in 2004. When it was pointed out that this book was indeed a resub and the question of whether it had possibly been professionally pressed for it's second coming-out party, the auction mysteriously disappeared from EBay within hours.

In general, the Green River Daredevil books make up a very high grade run, with many 9.4's and several 9.6's. There were 49 copies of Daredevil listed in the original manifests.....there are 12 of the 49 shown here. The Daredevil 10, was purchased from Harley Yee at the Big Apple Con in January of 2005. Another lower grade raw copy, unlabeled as a Green River was purchased from Ebay in October 2005. The latest scan added was the DD 13, which was discovered, unidentified as a Green River book, in the Registry Collection of CGC member Ghost Town, who provided the large scan. This page was updated on January 22, 2007, with the addition of issue #23 which is an unlabeled Green River. Updated on October 10, 2007 with the addition of issue #32. Updated on January 22, 2009 with the addition of issue #8 which is an unlabeled Green River, and issue #1 which was sold trimmed by robojo33 (Danny Dupcek) on eBay in December of 2007. The grey grid background is typical of robojo33's heavily photoshopped and deceptive images.


#1 April 1964
#8 June 1965
#10 October 1965
#11 December 1965
#13 February 1966
#15 April 1966
#18 July 1966
#22 November 1966
#23 December 1966
#24 January 1967
#26 March 1967
#28 May 1967
#29 June 1967
#31 August 1967
#32 September 1967
#33 October 1967
#35 Dec 1967