Title: Daredevil

Issue #: 26

Issue Date: 3/1967

CGC Certification #: 0602367001

Date Graded: 11/23/2004

CGC Grade: Universal 9.6

Page Quality: Off-White to White

Arrival Date: Jan 24 (year obscured)

Number of copies in Collection: 1

Restoration and Pressing: none


A beautiful fresh looking book, with just a touch of Marvel chipping along the right front edge. Colors bright, a perfect cut. And one of the greatest Gene Colan covers ever.

This book was submitted with 3 other Green River pedigree books to CGC in October of 2004 for grading.


Line of Procurement:

Purchased ungraded from Vincent Zurzolo at Metropolis comics in September of 2004. Metropolis had it graded as a 9.8 under their system.

Currently in the collection of Brad Hamann.