Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four run in The Green River Collection is a very solid group that runs from issue #7 thru issue #72, with multiples of several issues, including notably, five copies of issue #43 and #44, and six copies of #45. The only other issue in the run with multiple copies is #67 with two issues recorded.

The annuals are also well represented with two copies of FF Annual #1 and #2, and an astounding nine copies of Annual #3. There is also one copy of Annual #5 (a second copy has since been found), but no copies listed in the sales manifests of #4.

The quality of the books in the FF run is excellent, with the majority of the CGC graded books garnering grades of 9.4 or better. Most of the early issues from 33 down have yet to be uncovered. Most of the CGC graded books have been designated as having white pages. On February 26, 2005, the image of FF #21 CGG graded 7.0 was added. It appeared briefly for sale on, but was pulled shortly thereafter. The poor quality images of issues 24, 25 and 36 were added in May of 2005 after they appeared for sale on Ebay. They were not sold, and the scans here are presented only to help identify the issues by the cut and wrap of the covers. The truncated scans of the annuals were submitted as such.Issue #12, which although unidentified as a Green River, matched the parameters I've established, and is very possibly part of the collection but at this point no definitive answer can be stated. It sold on Ebay in December of 2005. Updated on November 24, 2006, with the addition of issues #36, which was purchased from Jim Haack via Ebay and which sadly exhibits the injuries inflicted on it by a bb gun pellet being shot at the book Updated on 8/24/07 with the addition of FF Annual #4. Updated on 1/26/08 with the addition of large scans of issue #24 and 25 (thanks, Mitch!) and the 9.2 CGC copy of FF Annual #5

Updated on January 22, 2009 with the addition of issue #15, discovered by Mitch Jordan. We believe there is a very high probability that this is indeed the Green River copy of FF #15.


#12 March 1963
#15 June 1963
#24 March 1964
#25 April 1964
#34 January 1965
#36 March 1965
#40 July 1965
#43 October 1965
#44 November 1965
#45 December 1965
#53 August 1966
#54 September 1966
#55 October 1966
#56 November 1966
#57 December 1966
#61 April 1967
#63 June 1967
#64 July 1967
#65 August 1967
Annual #1 1963
Annual #2 1964
Annual #4 1966
Annual #5 1967