Well, it's taken a while, but I'm happy to get my links page launched. The individuals or businesses here have been instrumental in offering support for this crazy project I've embarked on. Well, maybe not so crazy....a website attempting to safeguard the integrity of a pedigree collection by documenting what's in it, and what the books actually look like?

So here are a couple of links just to get started....this list will will the number of books and scans posted on the site. A big thank you to all, including the gang on the CGC Boards, Marnin Rosenberg of CollectorsAssemble, Mark Arrand of Colmore Comics, and George Pantela of GPanalysis, who went a long way towards helping validate this project by graciously providing the special auto-updating sales report page. And away we go!



Other Sources of Information About the Collection

The CorpCity Green River Website:

Shin C. Kao has compiled a listing of many of the known books in the Green River Pedigree. His site contains pdf versions of the original sales manifests, a copy of the original Comic Buyer's Guide Ad from May of 1993, and several smaller scans of books in the collection. An invaluable resource.

The Origin of the Green River Collection:

This article, on Doug Schmell's excellent Pedigree Comics site, describes the history of the collection beginning with William J. Steven's boyhood in Spokane, WA.

Green River, Running Red by Ann Rule:

This just published book about the Green River Serial Killings by noted true-crime writer Ann Rule, contains an extended section on the arrest of William J. Stevens II, and how he came to be considered a main suspect in the murders. See pages 307 to 324 of the book.