Our Army at War


The Definitive Green River Pedigree List that Shin C. Kao produced, lists 72 individual copies of Our Army at War. This gallery currently contains a copy of issue #162 which is listed as missing in Kao's list. Apparently, before Craig Beles, William J. Stevens' attorney, took possession of the collection, the Stevens brothers had made sales of comics to Craig Barnett, a local dealer who ran a store in Spokane called The Comic Book Shop. Issue #162 may have been one of the books sold to Barnett. In this gallery, issues #161 and #190 have received CGC Universal Grades of 9.4 and 7.5 respectively. Issue #190 is also listed as DC 80-Page Giant #44. Note: Page loaded Nov. 17, 2004. Updated on Nov. 18, 2006 with the addition of issue #188, which was discovered on Ebay without pedigree identification. A copy of this issue was listed in the original sales manifests and graded NM by Haack & Houser. This copy seems to meet that grade.

Update: The honorable Mark Haspel, CGC pedigree expert has pointed out that the ink color of the date stamp on issue #188 is purple, thus ruling out it's possible inclusion as a Green River book. I'm leaving the scan here for the moment as an example of the tricks the eye can play. That deep purple background made the stamp look redder than it actually is.

Last updated on February 26, 2007 with the addition of issue #164, with thanks to CGC boardmember comick1!


#159 Oct 1965
#161 Dec 1965
#162 Jan 1966
#164 Feb 1966
#188 Jan 1968
#190 Mar 1968
#193 May 1968