Title: Our Army at War

Issue #: 190 (aka DC 80 page Giant #44)

Issue Date: Feb/Mar 1968

CGC Certification #: 0122328004

Date Graded: Feb 16, 2004

CGC Grade: 7.5


Arrival Date: Dec 14 (no year visible)

Number of copies in Collection: 2

Restoration or Pressing: Can you press a squarebound?



A bright looking book that probably would have graded higher if not for a couple of small tears along the right front edge, about even with the words "Tank Raiders". A bit of a rough top edge too. Otherwise very nice looking, with bright colors and glossy surface.



Line of Procurement:

Acquired from Colmore Comics Aug 2004, who can be found at www.colmorecomics.com

Currently in the collection of Brad Hamann.