Title: Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos

Issue #: 12

Issue Date: 12/1964

CGC Certification #: 0124041006

Date Graded: 4/17/2004

CGC Grade: Universal 8.5

Page Quality: White

Arrival Date: none visible

Number of copies in Collection: 1

Restoration and Pressing: none


A clean bright book with plenty of gloss and with minimal spine stress and wear.

I suspect a single crease in the upper right front corner knocked the grade down in this otherwise great looking book.

This book was submitted with 11 other Green River pedigree books to CGC in March of 2004 for grading.

Obverse scan will be added by end of November 2004.

Line of Procurement:

Purchased in October 2003, in an Ebay auction from James Haack, one of the original purchasers of the collection.

Currently in the collection of Brad Hamann.