Title: Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos

Issue #: 23

Issue Date: 10/1965

CGC Certification #: ungraded

Date Graded:

CGC Grade:

Page Quality: OW/White

Arrival Date: Aug 17 1965

Number of copies in Collection: 5 copies listed in manifest

Restoration/Pressing: Unlikely



This copy exhibits excellent gloss, flatness and very fresh off-white
pages, but an extremely light LRC crease on the front cover and
non-color breaking spine stress at the top staple limit the structural
grade to VF+ or perhaps VF/NM. Outstanding eye appeal.

Line of Procurement:

Purchased by Jim Metzendorf from Shin Kao who had acquired it from William Stevens' attorney, Craig C. Beles, in a private transaction.