Title: Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos

Issue #: 24

Issue Date: 11/1965

CGC Certification #: ungraded

Date Graded:

CGC Grade:

Page Quality: OW/White

Arrival Date: none visible

Number of copies in Collection: 4 copies listed in manifest

Restoration/Pressing: Unlikely



This copy exhibits excellent gloss and flatness with off-white pages. However, the book does have a few structural issues which include minor impact damage to the lower left corner (most apparent when looking at the back cover) and a small tear and thumb crease to the top edge of the back cover. Additionally, the otherwise very clean spine has a small ding near its' center, and there is an extremely narrow dust shadow along the left edge of the back cover. Despite these flaws, the book retains excellent eye appeal and freshness that is typical of the Green River collection. Also of note is the fact that this confirmed Green River copy does not have a date stamp.

Line of Procurement:

Purchased by Jim Metzendorf from Shin Kao who had acquired it from William Stevens' attorney, Craig C. Beles, in a private transaction.