Title: Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos

Issue #: 27

Issue Date: 2/1966

CGC Certification #: ungraded

Date Graded:

CGC Grade:

Page Quality: White

Arrival Date: Dec 7 1965 (double stamped)

Number of copies in Collection: 1

Restoration/Pressing: None known



A great looking book, with minimal spine stress, slight wear and extremely glossy. A slight rip on the front cover in the area of the "Y" in the title. Otherwise a fabulous book. An obvious manufacturing miscut is visible.

The back of the book is very clean and tight.

Line of Procurement:

Purchased in October 2003, in an Ebay auction from James Haack, one of the original purchasers of the collection.

Currently in the collection of Brad Hamann, with thanks to Kenny Sanderson.