Tales to Astonish

The Green River Collection sports a straight run of Tales to Astonish starting with issue #40 and continuing uninterrupted through issue #101, with only issue #98 currently unaccounted for. There are several issues with multiple copies, including five copies of issue #73, four copies of issue #74, and six copies of issue #75. The Tales to Astonish generally seem to top out at about 9.0 when graded, with a couple of exceptions, such as the CGC 9.6 of issue #57 that sold on Doug Schmells Pedigree Comics site in November of 2004. Despite corner wear and the occasional crumple, most of the books still sport the fresh colors and white pages that are characteristic of the pedigree.

The links to the individual pages for the first four books in this gallery are now active. 15 of the 78 Tales to Astonish books listed in the manifests are currently included in this gallery. Issue #60 was acquired directly from Jim Haack in September of 2005 and sports a bb pellet dent on the chest of the Hulk. I have also been able to verify that issues #84,85,87,90 and 101 are currently residing, unslabbed, in a private collection on the West Coast. These issues were purchased directly from John Hauser at a convention in San Diego in the mid-1990s. Issue number 99 was acquired from the dealer Harley Yee at the September 2005 Baltimore Comic Convention. Issue 81 added 11/10/2008.

#47 September 1963
#51 January 1964
#53 March 1964
#54 April 1964
#55 May 1964
#57 July 1964
#60 October 1964
#62 December 1964
#63 January 1965
#64 February 1965
#68 June 1965
#73 November 1965
#74 December 1965
#75 January 1966
#80 June 1966


#81 July 1966

#99 January 1968