Title: Tales to Astonish

Issue #: 51

Issue Date: 1/1964

CGC Certification #: ungraded

Date Graded:

CGC Grade:

Page Quality: White

Arrival Date: none visible

Number of copies in Collection: 1

Restoration/Pressing: Unlikely


Notes: A generally nice looking copy with an impact dent in the lower left front cover and some wear in the upper left corner. Some slight wear along top front edge. Colors bright and glossy, although there is an area of light color loss about the area of the date box. The back is fairly clean with a few light smudges. A copy with nice eye appeal.

Line of Procurement:

Purchased at Ebay auction in 2004. Seller unable to provide documentation to prove certain provenence, but after comparison with #53 and #54 and noting very similar wear patterns, I am willing to consider this a true Green River book at this time.

Currently in the collection of Brad Hamann.